CAA – Manufactured Revolt of Unhappy Losers

  1. India voted for CAB

BJP released its manifesto on 8th of April 2019. “Nation First” section stands 4th in the Table of Contents of the manifesto. There are total 8 points in the section nation first. the Citizenship Amendment Bill is one of the 8 points. The manifesto clearly promised citizenship amendment bill on Page 12.

On page 12 of Manifesto BJP promises this

We are committed to the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Bill for the protection of

individuals of religious minority communities from neighbouring countries escaping persecution. We

will make all efforts to clarify the issues to the sections of population from the Northeastern states who

have expressed apprehensions regarding the legislation. We reiterate our commitment to protect the

linguistic, cultural and social identity of the people of Northeast. Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs

escaping persecution from India’s neighbouring countries will be given citizenship in India.

In General elections 2019, BJP alone got 37 % votes resulting into victory in 303 seats out of total of 543 constituencies – An absolute majority. India voted for the BJP manifesto to be implemented.

Historically politicians in India were made fun of – for not keeping their promises and yet turning up for next elections asking for votes. This is one of those rare occasions where a ruling party is criticized for implementing its manifesto.

But there is a catch here. What is being thrown at government is no fair and just criticism of noble minds. 

  • Nothing Undemocratic

The CAB passed the test in Loksabha on 9th of December and Rajyasabha on 10th of December 2019.  One out of the total 18 bills tabled in the Parliament in the winter session of November and December. The bill duly signed by speaker and sent to President for signatures. There is no by passing of the routine procedure of converting a bill into act.  The Act has come into effect with due constitutional procedure.

  • What is it?

Now that I have given background of BJP manifesto before the general election, outcome of elections and procedure followed in CAB, let’s look into what CAB is and if it violates any provision as per latest version of constitution of India dated 31 July 2018.

The ammendact provides citizenship to religious minorities persecuted by majority in Islamic republics of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The purpose of the bill is to restore dignity, honor and pride of those humiliated by persecuting majority in these countries. It is utter disrespect and intellectual dishonesty to seek an amendment that includes muslims of these countries who are none other than persecuting majority.  You can not give citizenship to persecuted minorities and persecuting majority together in one single amendment. To say this to happen is to say – majority never persecuted – which is rubbing salts on wounds of persecuted minorities.

And for the record, Muslims of neighboring Islamic republics can always apply individually for citizenship following footsteps of Adnan Sami.

There is no denial that there are Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh who truly identify themselves with the multi-cultural fabric of India and happily want to be part of it. I know few of them in personal capacity and believe we share the similar values. But to argue in favor of opening flood gates for communities which inherently do not want to coexist with Impure Land is calculated dishonesty. 

As regards the CAB it does not violate article 14 of the constitution which states “Equality before law.—The State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India. And this is because the bill is unrelated to territory of India and its people.

4) Manufactured revolt of unhappy losers

Now coming to the last but not the least protest part of the CAB episode. It was made clear in parliament by Home minister Amit Shah that the bill is about giving citizenship and not taking away citizenship of Indians. On 16th of December 2019, Prime Minister Mr. Modi tweeted 5 times in one single day. First tweet saying that the act illustrates India’s centuries old culture of acceptance, harmony, compassion and brotherhood. Second tweet saying no Indian has anything to worry regarding this Act and the act is only for those who have faced years of persecution outside India. Third asking Indian people to stay away from any sort of rumor mongering and falsehoods. Fourth insisting vested interest groups should not be dividing us.  And finally, the fifth establishing that Debate, discussion and dissent are essential parts of democracy but, never has damage to public property and disturbance of normal life been a part of our ethos.

Debate in parliament, wide communication on social media, pitching it in Jharkhand election rallies was not enough. A section of India, a small one, have some other plans.

From burning down trains to damaging the buses, from throwing stones at police to brining public life at standstill, holding university public space to ransom, it is a measured attack, trying to make the situation appear like “State Vs People”.

The intellectual covering fire was tweeting frantically about protests actively encouraging people to come out on roads. One particular Modi hater has even given list of lawyers on twitter in case protestors get arrested. The exaggerated versions of the anger and fake news are planted to keep the protest burning. On 16th December 2019, in one single day alone, a known Kashmiri separatist empathizer tweeted 100 times, and a known Gujrat riot activist tweeted 59 times actively encouraging and supporting the protest.

Many of the online protestors who are asking to include Muslims from Pakistan/Bangladesh while providing Indian citizenship are the same people who insisted on having article 35A which stopped Indians outside Kashmir from setting in Kashmir.

Chances are in West Bengal you may get arrested for shouting Jay Shriram in front of Didi’s convoy. But you may be not be arrested for burning down a train. Certainly not if you are a Bangladeshi illegal migrant.

No article in Indian constitution provides liberty and protection to a student who is violently protesting in universities. And yet the unhappy losers of general elections 2019 kept providing intellectual covering fire for the students.

The protest against CAA has nothing to do with CAA.  This is Award Wapsi Rev 2.0 with additional feature of violence. The aim is to create civil unrest like situation which did not happen in Award Wapsi Rev 1.0.  The real aim is much bigger than simply seeking abrogation of CAA. This is self-evident. A known Kashmiri separatist empathizer reacted to Prime Minister’s tweet asking for suggestions on Mann Ki Baat — “Step Down”.

This is it. Manufactured Revolt of Unhappy Losers of 2019.  CAA is just another opportunity to fabricate an atmosphere for case against Mr. Modi.  And if that requires pushing country on brink of civil unrest to keep Mr. Modi’s focus away from real challenges ahead of the nation then political opponents would not think twice.

Unfortunately, some section of Muslims society have fallen prey to the sinister agenda set by the protestors. It is their lack of knowledge about the bill which is being exploited for political agenda. It is important that Muslims of India do not fall prey to political opponents of Modi and offer their shoulders as carriers of a manufactured revolt of unhappy losers of 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Jai Hind

Kapil Naik

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Book Review : “J&K Invisible Faultlines”

Edited by Sandhya Jain and Published by Pentagon Press
Writers : Sandhya Jain, Shakti Munshi, Abha Khanna, Pankaj Gupta, Nidhi Bahuguna, Yasharaj Singh Bundela, Kuldip Chand Agnihotri

Jammu and Kashmir region has inspired lot of writers to pen down books, articles and research papers. Writers broadly with 2 categories have written on Kashmir. One category includes those writers who are possibly influenced by narratives set by
valley centric separatists, politicians, academicians and Nehruvian understanding of Kashmir. Other category of writers are those who leave you with factual information without trying to impress upon readers , an agenda driven narrative.

To begin with, I would like to highlight the chapter 6 by Shakti Munshi– “Kashmiri Pandits – Last Bastion of Nationalism”. The chapter narrates the situation in valley in 80s. What readers would appreciate the most is date wise account of murder and hate crimes which subsequently led to exodus of Hindu Community as sinisterly designed by Pakistan, Pro Pak – Militant Groups and Local Families for their own political gains — The story of intentional cold blooded, brutal and violent dislodging of Hindu community from the valley .

The book also includes issues that were never key discussion points in main stream media – “Chapter 11 on Delimitation by Shakti Munshi and Divya Roy. This chapter is an example of surfacing the untouched issues. Apart from introducing readers to the history of delimitation in India , the chapter precisely brings reader’s attention to why and how valley centric leaders, media and academicians would choose to deprive Jammu region of equitable share of membership in Legislative Assembly.

Abha Khanna in chapter 8 on Artilce 370 and 35-A grabs readers mind on why constitutional validity of both articles is presently challenged in Supreme Court. The chapter provides historical account of how both articles came into existence. The writer describes Article 35-A as – “A Fraud on the constitution of India” with reasoning on the legislative powers to amend the constitution.

J&K , invisible faultlines is one of those books which comes across as belonging to the category of writers trying to provide right information on – the story which was never told, the events which were suppressed , the neglected truth readers were deprived off.
The book clearly tries to legitimately and factually challenge Nehruvian paradigm which has so far dominated the public.

A “Must Read” Rating to the book by Kapil Naik

Disclaimer : Writer of this review does not support and encourage piracy and copyright violation.

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They were sleeping

They were sleeping – Poem by Kapil  Naik (
Kashmiri Pandits Killed – They were sleeping
Training in POK – They were sleeping
Snatched Guns from Police – They were sleeping
Took away EVM machines – They were sleeping
Burnt Indian flags – They were sleeping
Waived IS flags – They were sleeping
Met Hafiz – They were sleeping
Pelted Stones – They were sleeping
Gave shelter to Militants – They were sleeping
Made Wani a hero – They were sleeping
Bharat Tere tukade honge hazar – They were sleeping
Afzal hum Sharminda hai – They were slepping
Crossed border with Fake Notes – They were sleeping
They were sleeping as Indian Army was guarding them.
They opened eyes after safe and sound sleep, saw stone pelter being tied on a Army Jeep.
Oh my god, oh my god, How can Army be so horrible.
Jai Hind (shouting very loudly is Kapil Naik)
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Shameful Journalism – Sagarika Ghose


After reading tweet by Sagarika Ghose on URI Attacks (“So much for the Doval doctrine”), I am not amazed any more.  In fact I am convinced a leftist will stoop down to any extent in criticising Right Wing (RW), even if it comes at the cost of showing policies of national interest & national security in bad light.

A leftist will end up accusing and holding accountable RW for all intentions and activities of nation breakers within & outside India.

The desperation & crazy urge to criticise RW blinds leftists from knowing difference between – speaking against government & speaking against national interest.

Let me get straight to her tweet and raise a few questions

When there was no Doval doctrine, were Children of Jinnah friendly to us? Was Muslim Pakistan not waging a pseudo war (actually Jihad) on India (Only because it is a majorly Hindu Land)? Were 4 wars with Pak result of Doval doctrine? Was cross border terrorism result of Doval doctrine? India to satisfaction of Pseudo Seculars was ruled by congress for majority of time since 1947. Then why did Kashmiri Pundits were thrown out unduly out of their own land — Doval doctrine? Did Osama find safe haven in Pakistan because of Doval doctrine?

Doval or no Doval – Pakistan is epicentre of Islamic terrorism. Pakistan is a factory where terrorists are produced to wage war against Hindu Land. A factory which is well funded, perfect in production plan and strategic direction.

Every time in history when Jihadists could not regionally & ideologically expand to west, they have attacked east, especially Indian Sub-continent. Al Qaeda was formed in Indian Subcontinent in 2014 after they were hammered on west front.

Instead of doing journalistic research on who can be behind attacks in URI (Al Qaeda, IS , ISI , LeT), she ends up making fun of Doval doctrine out of desperation to criticise RW.

This is not the right time to criticise Doval doctrine. Doval doctrine, most suited or not, is defending this country from its enemies who made URI attack.

Jai Hind

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Protected: There is only one Islam

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Protected: Story of Pakistan they never told you. – Part I

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Little Guest – Photographs by Kapil Naik

1 5 4326

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Basic Quality of Life is India’s Highest Priority

India can not look at top of Maslow’s hierarchy for “haves”, when a large section  of “have nots” are not even touching base of Maslow’s hierarchy.

                                                                                                           Kapil Naik

On a warm Saturday as I drove towards vehicle repair station which is located next to a labour colony of an industrial zone, I came across the other side of India. Not the first time in my life though, every time it happens I understand what  highest priority India has as a nation. This is a side of India no Indian can be proud of after more than 60 years of Independence. A poverty ridden dirt box where people in thousands lack Basic qualities of Life.  It is not imperative here to describe the scenery of the poverty zones of an Asian country for readers to have right imagination of dirt box – The slums. However it useful to describe as it would provides right platform for the main argument presented in the article.

The slums of Mumbai are a living place with pathetic quality of life. Pathetic is a very soft description. Inhuman would be  the most apt word. An idea of house here is worse than an Western Public Toilet. Kids play around where gutter water overflows on roads and on water pipes. The eatables are sold next to public dustbins.  Here personal space is negative as single room houses are cramped with medium to large size families. A huge population of India lives but not with respectable living conditions.

This leads me to wonder what is India’s highest priority in 2015 ? How would ever a child in slums get as much access to resources as a child born in West or even in prosperous  sections of India.  A child born with access to world’s best resources is likely to be 50 years ahead in time to the child who lacks basics like access to  clean water, hygienic food , a school with decent  facilities and finally a park to play. This means we all have one date as mankind. But a generation of kids in 2015 are growing up in 1960 s. Their birth dates do not actually represent the living conditions they have.

In India state governments and central government see announcement of billion dollar investments as a sign of working governments. News papers are filled with pictures of government officials signing of trade agreements.  Question that remains unanswered is — Does it give a poor child a quality food in the evening ? Does it give poor child a glass of clean drinking water ? Does it provide a poor child enough level playing field so that he is in a position to compete with a child who is 50 years ahead by birth ?

What India needs right now is not fulfilment of aspirations of tho se who have gone beyond Maslow’s hierarchy of – Physiological needs, Safety Needs, Love and Belonging, Esteem and Self Actualisation. India does need a bullet train but not now. All it needs is trains where people are not cramped like animals to be taken on a slaughter day. India needs ambulances which reach you in less than 10 minutes irrespective of your economic status. India needs housing which is cheap and yet complete with basics facilities of life. Indian public spaces require assurances that no bomb would go off killing people in hoards. India needs air which is pollution free. India needs farmers who don’t commit suicide. India needs food with as much high quality as it is sold under the tag of export quality. India needs food distribution system where producer of food makes more money than seller of the food.  List is big. The point is India can not look at top of Maslow’s hierarchy for “haves ” unless large section of “have nots” are not even part of Maslow’s hierarchy. Any rise in growth rate and GDP is not worth unless it results in availability of basic of life to one and all. Any trade agreement is not a success unless it redistributes wealth among the citizens.

Poverty is not just a curse. It is the biggest form of violence. It is the biggest form of terrorism. It is the crime of highest order by any state in not giving basics of life to its citizens – to all of its citizens

Jai Hind

Kapil Naik



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Who the F*** Cares ? Third World Developing Country Forever. – 1

A nation where youth jumps red signal at will is unlikely to have strong future.

Red signal Countdown….. 7, 6 ,5, 4, 3, 2,…..This is not green signal. It is still Red.








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Has extremism touched the Indian Soil?

“An extremist is not just the enemy of the other religions he tries to decimate but it is in fact a bigger enemy of the religion he believes he represents”.

“India can also witness forced mass conversions, genocide and another 1947, if ideologies of ISIS, Boko Haram or Al Shabaab touch the Indian Soil”.

                                                                                                            Kapil Naik

What thought drives a religious extremist has been the question I have always been trying to find answers for.  Although on the face of it the reasons appear to be religious,  I have never been able to find conclusive answers as I am always distracted because of a suspicion in my mind that somewhere behind presence of religious extremism in Middle East &  Africa, there  possibly exist a western crony capitalist system which thrives on turbulence in these areas. For the proposed frame of this article I keep this point to be written over on some other day.

Coming to the thought that might drive an extremist, it is widely believed that an extremist is driven by the following ideology –———– Only my God is God & hence if you do not follow my God you are not actually following any God.  And those who don’t follow god (Non Believers) are either have to be killed or converted. And while bringing this thought into reality among the non believers if any believer gets death, he gets Heaven.

If this thought is to be believed to be true and accepted as the only reason behind birth of the organizations like ISIS, Boko Haram & Al Shabaab, we the citizens of this world have a serious problem on our hand which if unaddressed can wipe civilizations off this earth and bring great disrepute to the religion the extremists represent.

India’s first and foremost concern should be to find out if such ideologies are finding roots in India.

Having said that the ghost of religious extremism is not new to India. The extremism has been there since known and documented history of India. Be it multiple attempts of destruction of somnath temple, be it systematic humiliation of Kashmiri Pundits, be it war of panipat – religious extremism has been very much a threat.

My worst fear is that there exists a certain class of pseudo secularists – political people and media who will look the other way when such demon might be coming up in India.  Vote is important than justice after all.

India’s concern is not the presence of an extremist within its territories. Because the extremist can easily be located & handled as he prefers to be visible in order to inspire many others. He does not befriend the non believers to make them believe in his god. The real trouble is to deal with those people who refuse to comprehend threat of extremism as real. It is not as much difficult to deal with extremist as much it is to deal with people who overlook the presence of extremist or undermines the threat an extremist poses to the civilizations.

History of Extremism in India is rarely studied, scrutinized and addressed in modern India. The bitter truth of extremism is typically avoided with an idea – Extremism has no colour. To me this would be the biggest lie ever told on earth.

History is more important than any school teacher that has ever told you.  It is much more than remembering dates and saluting Heros. Purpose of history is to be able to take steps in right direction so as to avoid the darker side of history repeating itself.  There is no shame in learning from mistakes that may have happened in handling extremism in the past.

To stop the Ideology of extremism from proliferating in India it is important and urgent that we act ruthlessly against the extremist with strict laws and their ruthless implementation.  The vigilance teams, investigation teams and the Judiciary is kept completely untouched from political bias and interference.

We also must remember that we are acting against the ideology of the extremist and not the religion he represents. If we are mistaken about the fight against the ideologies of an extremist as fight against the religion he represents then unknowingly we are creating another extremist in ourselves.

And most importantly we need to act now before extremism becomes too big to be handled
through a political solution.

Jai Hind

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Pune Experience – Sawai Gandharva Festival 2013 – Photographs by Kapil Naik

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Hypocrisy of U R Ananthamurthy

(This article is no way intended to support Mr Modi as a PM candidate.  However it tries to uncover the dual yardstick of justice which writer URA carries.)

Why it is important to write on U R Ananthamurthy (URA)? And that too on which is a political blog and URA belongs to the world of literature.

Well for readers of this blog who have not followed Kannada literature, let me give very brief introduction of URA. He is the winner of Jnanpith Award – India’s highest award in literature. He is also a recipient of Padma Bhushan. He is by no means an ordinary Indian.  Certainly to many in India he is an intellectual of very high standards.

But then it is the hypocrisy in his political opinions and actions which make me write this article on him.   

Recently at a literary function in Bangalore, Mr URA said – “I don’t want to live in a world where Modi is Prime Minister.” ……… Oh really Mr URA?

Let me get some of the historical facts about URA out of bag for the readers. He holds a PHD from England – a country which ruled India for 150 years.  A country which destroyed India’s wealth, self respect and honour rendering us to have mentalities that of a slave. Good Enough. Nothing wrong in this. But is not a hypocrisy that getting a PHD from England (which ruled India) is acceptable to URA but not staying in India with Modi as PM. Further why Mr URA did not give his PHD back to Burmingham University after England attacked Iraq for supposedly having WMD. They have still not found WMD. May be URA can help them to find one.  

This is just one piece of his hypocrisy. Let me strip his burqa of hypocrisy apart further.

According to news published in ‘THE HINDU’ on 16th March 2004, he was ready to contest Loksabha Election from South Banglore with support from congress.  Surprised I am, he was ready to fight the election with support from a party directly linked with – 1984 anti Sikh riot and emergency of 1975. But he cannot stay in a country where Mr Modi is PM.  Can URA plz care to explain these double yardsticks of justice?

He can stay in a country where Kashmiri Pundits are mass slaughtered and driven out of valley destroying secular fabric of India. He can stay in a country where emergency is imposed. He can stay in a country where the migrants from Bangladesh have ID cards of Indian Establishments. He can stay in a country where people cross the border and take training from ISI to destabilize India. He can seek support from a party whose president was allegedly linked with Bofors scam. But he cannot stay in a country where Modi is PM.

What I find is URA is not consistent in his thinking.  He is not impartial as a writer. As a writer he is expected to think logically for establishment of Justice. His idea of justice is influenced by his ideology which makes him no different from BJP or Sangh Pariwar. If one has to distance himself, one should distance from 1984 riots , Godhra Train Burning and 2002 riots as all the events are really equally unfortunate to have taken place in history of India.

I don’t wish at that the intellectual like him should leave this country which is already depleted with intellectuals. He can really be a driver for change in India provided he does what he can do best – Create finest literature. But I don’t think he has proved himself to be a balanced opinion maker in politics of India.

But if he insists on leaving this country, I have a request to him. Let us know where he wants to go.  Western countries where capitalist war mongers rule. Europe which made colonies all over the world or how about Middle East where you would need a microscope to find the democracy. I guess for him the best country to be in is Pakistan. Because only staying in Pakistan will make him realize that Hindu is the most tolerant religion closest to humanity and Savarkar was not a divisive figure but an icon of nationalism.

And he will also realize if anywhere in the world, the interests of the minorities are best safe guarded, it is in Hindu India – even with Modi as PM. And I am proud of this fact.  

How about this selection for Mr URA? As I write this article I have just come across news of an Indian getting shot in Kenya in a mall for failing to answer question on Islam. I am hearing an announcement – This is final boarding call to Mr URA for a flight to Kenya. Plz proceed for boarding.

(This article is no way intended to support Modi as PM candidate.  However it tries to uncover the dual yardstick of justice which URA carries.)

Note:  Any correction to distortion of the facts is most welcome.

Jai Hind

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Dharamshala & Dalhousie Experience – Photographs by Kapil Naik


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India Gate Experience – Photographs by Kapil Naik

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Chandni Chowk Experience – Photographs by Kapil Naik

Continue reading

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Category: Non Fiction

Rating: Must Read

Book is published in 2009. It is written by veteran journalist and writer Imtiaz Gul.

A fascinating book which one would want to read in one single sitting. Imtiaz Gul has written a gem.

Book takes readers inside FATA region where militancy is thriving for last 30 years now. Reading this book is a journey, a journey which ends into destination of thorough understanding of FATA regions, its sharply divided non progressive intolerant tribes and multi dimensional religious radicalism associated with FATA region.   Readers of this book will be able to connect dots of drug lords, religious radicalism, and intelligence agencies operating in FATA region.

Apart from providing historical details of war going on in FATA region, book successfully helps reader to guess what is stored ahead for people of Pakistan.

This book unfolds how Pakistan’s strategic depth in Afghanistan has gone wrong and how snakes once they nurtured to fight against Russians in Afghanistan and against India in Kashmir have made Pakistan an epicenter  of world terrorism. And irony is those terrorist are doing damage more to Pakistan than they were supposed to do to Hindu India.

A book rates as Must Read.

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Thank you Mr President

Ajmal Kasab’s fate is sealed by Mr Presidnet – Pranab Mukherjee.  Mr Mukherjee, congratulates you for rejecting kasab’s mercy petition. We hail you as real son of Bengal. We are proud of you. will only say with love – Omar Dada , Pranav dada.

The original royal Bengal tiger, mahanayak -Subhash Chandra Bose from where ever he is watching will be happy to know a true son of Bengal did it.  

We also congratulate home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde for executing the operation X with top secrecy.  It is not for media to know in advance the plans of home ministry. Profit driven media houses did not deserve this ‘breaking news’ to know before it happened.  

Jai Hind


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Send Kasab to Jannat

Is Pakistan a friend or an enemy. This question can be answered with reflex action. It need not go to brain as answer does not require an Indian any sort of analysis to do. Answer is it is an enemy.
Now when I say enemy I mean an enemy at state level and not on individual level. I am not writing in context of friendship between gavaskar and zaheer abbas – ex cricketers from India and Pakistan. I am writing in context of nations.

A nation which is (Pakistan) formed upon idea of separatism based on religion can never be friendly with nation (India) they parted ways with. If they had to live with us peacefully they would have done it any way by staying with Hindus. Fact is they (Pakistan) dislike Hindus because Hindus believe in god which is not what god they believe in. If two persons cannot live together, can they live next to each other? May be on personal level yes. But in case of India and Pakistan the answer is no.

And it is no because Pakistan is not content on deal they got in 1947. A separate land for Islam. A pak land. Pak means pure. Pure because it ideally does have anyone who believes in god apart from Allah. With people believing in god apart from Allah it becomes impure. Away from impure people (as they do not believe in Islam). They want more damage to be done to the impure land. One more. One more. Untill it is bled out completely.

Ajmal Kasab is product of such anti Hindu system. Death would fetch you Jannat for your heroic attack on India is how fundamentalist are brainwashed. Now that Ajmal Kasab was ready to go to Jannat in many pieces India can help him do so, that too without any detriment. India can hang him and Kasab will go to Jannat in one piece. Much better deal that what he was ready for – going to Jannat in multiple pieces.

In a land of predominant Hindu Population dussehra festival is of immense importance. It refers to Lord Rama’s victory over the ten-headed demon king Ravana. The day also marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the demons Mahishasur.
It is the day of victory of good over evil.

India has missed out on dussehra of 2012 but there is 2013. Hang Kasab on dussehra day as it would symbolize victory of good over evil.

But this will not be done by Indian government. ……… shhhhuuuuuuuuuuuu. Silence Plz , we are secular.

Jai Hind

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Imran Khan Bowls a No Ball

His bowling was lethal. His looks were charming to fine young girls. His leadership skills on cricket field were widely appreciated. He was a man from across the border and yet popular in India.  Name is Imran Khan. The handsome khan.

On 20th of October 2011 in a political rally Khan bowled a no ball.  Imran compared presence of Indian Army in J & K to presence of US Army in some part of the world.

“Did the Americans succeed in Afghanistan? Is the Indian Army more powerful than the US Army? When the Americans couldn’t succeed, how can you succeed with 700,000 troops that are involved in excesses?”. – Imran Khan

 First Mr. Khan, let me share a piece of history with you. What you called Pakistan today it never existed before 1947.  So before you question existence of Indian Army in J & K, we can very well question existence of your own country itself as such.

Inida would have appreciated if you asked snakes in your own backyard to leave your country or speak of India’s most wanted person or MBA institutes in POK where passed out get masters in religious fanatism. That would have been more fitting to your image of Oxford pass out. You are continuing the legacy of your predecessors – You cannot be acknowledged as leader of Pakistan unless you spread hatred for people across the border.  We do feel sorry for fate of your nation. It can never have agents of change who will speak for their own country rather than speaking against some other country. Pakistan has to hate country which gave them birth with belief as if India is occupying Pakistan’s land. Let me tell you it is the other way round. Your whole country is placed on what was once Hindustan.

So stop interfering on India’s internal matters to make political gains. If you question existence of Indian Army, we question existence of Pakistan itself.

And coming to army occupation what a country can do when radicals aim to do ethnic cleansing of other religions taking moral, financial & infrastructural support from across the border. If Indian army cannot be in J & K, then where it should be? Should it come out of J & K and guard Imran Khan when he visits south Mumbai to stay with one elite business house.

Handsome khan need not have to turn so ugly while he is glutton for highest post in his country. Worst is he is following same dirty path of his predecessor – Hate India.

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Arundhati Roy : Out of Book Shelf

It seems Arundhati is confounded about idea of nationalism. Anti establishment sentiments appeal to her wisdom more than constructive criticism of establishment from within.

I would have chosen to become a disciple of Arundhati Roy, had she shared the dais with Abdul Kalam and urged Muslims of India to have him as role model instead of a Separatist who is enemy of the nation  and a financial puppet of our neighbours. I would have chosen to become her devotee if she had conveyed that India is a state where a Muslim can become – A president of the Nation, A giant IT company owner with 1.37 weightage on BSE Sensex, Bollywood’s King Khan, Bharat Ratna for his service to musical instrument Shehnai and Captain of Indian cricket side without having being converted to Hindu religion.

Yes freedom of expression does matter in a democracy along with right of self determination. But what Arundhati Roy seems to have forgotten is all those freedoms and rights she openly advocates should necessarily be within the framework of constitution along with a sense of national pride and supreme interest of the nation embedded into them.

Anything outside this framework without loyalty to the national flag is not only undemocratic but also antinational – treason of highest class. Her continuous soft support for Anti Establishment Sentiments give her image of frustrated citizen who sees no hope in fighting the system from within.

Probably Roy needs to visit schools again where one is taught – Ask what I can do for my country instead of what my country can do for me.

By taking side of Separatist leader in the valley, Roy has lost respect of millions of Indians whose heart pumps with excitement every time they listen to national anthem. May be as a consolation prize, she might get support of people who choose not to salute the Indian national flag.

Coming to right of self determination – Right of self determination on choosing nationality for any state today in modern India does not solely lie with the state itself. Behind every 1 Separatist in the valley there are thousands in other states of India who want to protect national territories. Their right matters too.

Sad part is some idiots in the valley do not foresee that their future is best secured with rising economic power that India is instead of following a country in complete disarray. Greater sad part is Arundhati Roy does not realize it either.

If Kashmir has to established as a separate country on the grounds of hate India (as it is predominantly a Hindu nation) then there is another chaotic 21st century Pakistan in the making.

Right of self determination as described by Roy can never be compared with Independence struggle of India. Firstly Delhi is not as much a foreign rule to Kashmir as much as British were to Indians (scope of present article does not go deep into this). Secondly India got independence from British not out of Hate Christianity school of thought (although Hindus suffered from the conversions the most). Churches have been protected in India post 1947. Can it be said about the temples in barbaric north western part of our neighbour’s post 1947 – A country which laid its foundations on hatred for other religions rather than self respect for their own and eventually crucified their own fate.

I would like to share here a wonderful memory here – A Muslim Tabala maestro once happily accepted a small idol of Lord Vitthal from the organizers before the concert. Such majestic and outstanding was the display of his skills in playing Tabala that a Hindu Audience gave him standing ovation for complete 3 minutes. I Hope Arundhati Roy shares such experiences with her friends from the valley.

Arundhati Roy is certainly out of book shelves of many Indians– Forever.

(Coming Soon – In the next article, would give a fitting reply to Arundhati’s arguments which she made in her speech in Delhi)

Jai Hind

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