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Public Discourse

Word Sanskar today is a ridiculed word.
Today alternative public discourse is nationalism is right wing and insurgency using violence as instrument of overthrowing parliamentary democracy is activism.
— Shri Arun Jaitley, 2018

Threat of Fake Bogey

Today threat to democracy is threat of fake bogey.
Those who criticize the maximum,at times even to extent of bordering on responsibility, then turn around & say free speech is in danger. So threat to free speech is referred by those who use it maximum.

  • Shri Arun Jaitley, 2018

Confederation of States vs Union of States”

Federalism is of course is a challenge. Initially Centre and state relationship was more unitary. When threat to national security was over, after first 30 years, we evolved into more federal system. Today we have federalism in action. We have regional groups and central parties. And having sat through some dozens of meetings of GST council which is India‚Äôs first federal institution, I just want to put a word of caution. Federalism in India is essential. India is and should always be union of states (which means) strong state and strong centre. The moment India becomes confederation of states, greater challenges will emerge.

Balance of Indian federalism lies in making India a union of states and no step which goes in direction of making it a confederation of states must be taken.

Governance needs a strong central pole and you can have regional players around but you can not have confederation of regional players because there are issues for which you require India to remain union of states.

Shri Arun Jaitley, 2018

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