I Kapil Naik the writer of the articles welcome you to my web page. I present myself as a young citizen of Independent India. This is the only identity I would want readers to keep in mind when they read my articles as I do not wish my social, economical, religious, educational and linguistic status be linked to my views.

Kapilnaik.com is a place where you find articles on Socio-Political issues. With this web site I intend to offer the reader unbiased views on national and international matters.

I solicit your comments on my articles with open mind and commit to publish them even if they are not in favour of what I have written.

I publically proclaim that my articles are my personal observations and opinions about socio-political issues based on best of factual information gathered from various sources to the best of my ability and do not represent any political and social party or organisation in and out of India.

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  1. Vikrant says:

    Nice look & feel ….
    This is the first time i am reading this site. i love it.

  2. Kaustubh says:

    It was good to read through your blogs and I truly appreciate the points that each of your post tries to make.

    While I took to creative writing with my blog ( http://koolksp.blogspot.com ), you are making a conscious effort to bring such issues to light. I wish you all the best in this endeavor.

    Do visit my blog sometime as well.

  3. Ashish Baru says:

    feels good to read about your opinions . No war is won without bloodshed. baroooo

  4. Sarfraz Rumane says:

    Good Going Kapil.. .. Looking forward to interesting articles from your side and equally interesting responses ………..Best of Luck 🙂

  5. Raman Singh says:

    Carry on with your good work Kapil. Some articles are astounding. I am looking forward to see your views on young India and their expectations from Politics towards nation building. Nescit Cedere.

  6. Neeta shah says:

    Superb writing kapil….Reading it i felt is if I am reading a top newspaper’s editorial page…(one more carrear option…😎)….I have to read couple of articles…I will read all…Keep smiling…Keep writing.

  7. Lyndon says:

    Grear initiative Kapil.. Looking forward to read your insightful blogs.. Good luck..

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