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Few fundamentals to avoid Anxiety & Depression

1) Do your best. Doing best is about staying focused only on what you can control. 2) Stop thinking what does world think of you.3) Deep breathing for 15 mins X 3 times a day4) Learn to accept negative outcomes/failures/difficulties … Continue reading

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Collection of Thoughts – Shri Arun Jaitley

Public Discourse Word Sanskar today is a ridiculed word.Today alternative public discourse is nationalism is right wing and insurgency using violence as instrument of overthrowing parliamentary democracy is activism.— Shri Arun Jaitley, 2018 Threat of Fake Bogey Today threat to … Continue reading

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Betrayal – The name is Jinnah

Betrayal of Jinnah – Balochistan Few Facts about Balochistan Balochistan is located on south-eastern Iranian plateau, extending upto western borders of Sindh and Punjab, with area bigger than France. Before British Raj, Balochistan was divided into 4 princely states, amongst … Continue reading

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