Betrayal – The name is Jinnah

Betrayal of Jinnah – Balochistan

Few Facts about Balochistan

  1. Balochistan is located on south-eastern Iranian plateau, extending upto western borders of Sindh and Punjab, with area bigger than France.
  2. Before British Raj, Balochistan was divided into 4 princely states, amongst which princely state of Kalat was the most dominating state. Khan of Kalat had total of 75 % of area under Princely state.
  3. Present day province of Balochistan came into effect in 1970
  4. Balochistan, today makes 44 % land area of Pakistan today. Two third of Pakistan’s coastal line lies in Balochistan.
  5. Balochistan is closer to strait of Hormuz from where complete oil supply to India takes place.
  6. Balochistan is home to port Gwadar. Gwadar port remained with Oman till 1958. In 1958 Pakistan purchased Gwadar port from Oman. Gwadar is the outlet for China-Pakistan Corridor (CPEC)

The Government of India Act 1935 included Kalat among princely states of India. However In 1946, Mr. Jinnah acting as legal advisor to Khan of Kalat submitted Memorandum to the cabinet commission, demanding separation of Balochistan from British India. As late as June 1947, Jinnah assured Kalat princely state of the continuance of the independent position of Kalat.
A round table conference was held in Delhi on 4th of Aug 1947. It was attended by Mountbatten, Khan of Kalat and Jinnah. It was decided unanimously that “Kalat State” would remain Independent. And hence eventually a standstill agreement was signed between Kalat and Pakistan (future state). Standstill agreement read – The Government of Pakistan, recognizes Kalat as Independent sovereign state.

In December of 1947, Dar-ul-Awam of Kalat state (Lower House) held a session and passed resolution that relations with Pakistan should be as between two sovereign states. Further in first week of Jan 1948, even the Dar-ul-Umra (Upper House) confirmed independence of Kalat. Thus, both houses of Kalat clearly rejected accession to Pakistan. And it can be safely be said that Jinnah was party to this proclamation in 1946 and in 1947 as well.

Then came the betrayal – hallmark of Jinnah. On 27 Mar 1948, Pakistan army invaded Kalat. Khan of Kalat surrendered and signed Instrument of Accession. Pakistan acknowledged the accession on 30 Mar 1948. During its short Independence from Aug 1947 till Mar 1948, Kalat even had embassy in Pakistan.

Despite heavy funding by Khan of Kalat to Muslim League, Pakistan invaded Kalat. A very important inference that can be drawn here that “Money, development and economic progress cannot always persuade a treacherous person to abdicate treachery”.

Betrayal of Jinnah – Kashmir

Owing to the prevailing circumstances around August of 1946 Maharaja Hari Singh had still not taken decision officially on accession to India. Meanwhile as Khan of Kalat did, Maharaja too signed standstill agreement with Pakistan. Maharaja wished to have to similar standstill agreement with India till he made up his mind on accession. However New Delhi refused to enter a standstill agreement and wanted further discussion.
Despite the standstill agreement, Pakistan imposed economic blockade on Jammu and Kashmir. Supply of all the essential commodities like petrol, food, salt etc. was interrupted. Communications were interrupted. Transit of people was obstructed.

Jinnah’s Pakistan did not stop merely at the economic blockade. Pakistan planned invasion of Kashmir with meticulous care and showing significant strategic and tactical insight. Pakistan found partners to invade Kashmir – The tribals, the pathans. And the compensation – loot of Kashmir and the women as spoils of war. British had been paying Pathans to stop them from rising against the state. Something which newly independent Pakistan could not manage economically. Invasion of Kashmir and free loot of wealth and women was the compensation Pakistan designed for the tribals. Contrary to the false propaganda of Pakistan and its proxies, the invasion of Kashmir was planned directly by Army HQ of Pakistan. To put is simply India – Pakistan war of 1947 was not mere spontaneous tribal invasion. It was well planned invasion by Pak army HQ. The tribals were only the foot soldiers.

As it can be observed from both events Kalat and Kashmir, Jinnah displayed one common characteristic – Betrayal. Promise peace and deliver war and mass murder – This is story of Jinnah.
The betrayal was DNA of Jinnah and subsequently it became the DNA of Pakistan. Clubbed with deceit, this betrayal has resulted in wars, mass murders, genocide and persecution on Indian subcontinent in last 75 years.

Jai Hind
Kapil Naik

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  1. Milind Upadhye says:

    Very nice and we’ll reseached article. Thnks for putting down tehistorical facts. I am sure most of us were unaware of these facts

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