Few fundamentals to avoid Anxiety & Depression

1) Do your best. Doing best is about staying focused only on what you can control.
2) Stop thinking what does world think of you.
3) Deep breathing for 15 mins X 3 times a day
4) Learn to accept negative outcomes/failures/difficulties as part of life
5) Stay in the moment. Not in tomorrow or future.
6) Stop fearing old age and death. It will come when it has to come. Face it when it comes it.
7) Many times problems are not as serious as we imagine them to be.
8) It is okay to be ordinary and unimpressive. We don’t live to impress every second.
9) Take mini vacations. Cut off yourself from the work. Take multiple 3 day holidays instead of one long 2 weeks holiday.
10) Don’t expect perfection in each and every aspect of life. Choose areas of perfection.
11) Learn to say No
12) Tell the world, when things are not going to happen from your end. World will work out solutions without you also.
13) Stop speculation, anticipation. Sometimes leave things to a surprise. Don’t be desperate to know future before it actually arrives.

Kapil Naik

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