There is only one Islam

Islam will be religion of peace only when  “Good Muslims” come forward and restore people forcibly converted to Islam back to their original religion —-  Kapil Naik

There is only one Islam. From ISIS to Muslim Entrepreneurs in US, from Boko Haram to professionals in Europe, from Al Qaeda to football players from Africa, from Taliban to software engineers in India – All follow only one religion. There are no two versions of Islam. Good Muslim – Bad Muslim, True Islam – Not real Islam are the versions created to disown the radical side of Islam.

However there could be 2 interpretations – One by Muslims who don’t think and act hostile towards other religions and other by radicals who deny existence of other religion.

It is imperative that “Good Muslims” accept that radicals also follow Islam.

History will be written based upon what “Good Muslims” do about radicalism in Islam instead of merely condemning it by saying – radicals don’t follow Islam.

Good Muslims need to take ownership of success as well as failures. Good Muslims do exist in this world, not in small numbers but in millions. I know quite a few of them in my personal capacity. They are no less modern, liberal and progressive in views on religion as compared to any Hindu or Christian.

It certainly should be the matter of research if terrorism existed well for last 1000 years and if it is only world of internet now making us feel the real size of it.  Speaking of India, history knows for sure how Sambhaji (Son of Indian King Shivaji) was brutally tortured for not offering himself to choose Islam. Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded in winter of 1675 at Chandani Chowk in Delhi. These 2 incidences symbolically represent radicalism in Islam which was existent even before 400 years. No less than what ISIS is doing on video clips circulated on internet.

This very much proves radicalism, brutality in Islam are not new. They are new to those who have little factual knowledge of history. However the difference is now Islam is under severe criticism more than ever in history – Thanks to internet.  And to fend off the severe criticism Good Muslims need to stand up against Islamic Terrorism not with mere words but with concrete actions on ground. World is watching Good Muslims with lot of expectations. World will love and respect Good Muslims depending upon what they do against Islamic Terrorism instead of merely saying – terrorist are not true Muslims and they don’t follow real Islam.

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