Story of Pakistan they never told you. – Part I

Right wing caught on wrong foot

Headline of TOI on 26 Dec 2015 :  “Modi calls Sharif to wish him Happy Birthday. Pak PM says, why don’t you drop by since you’ll be flying over my country? Modi readily agrees”

Imagine a congress PM stopping over in Lahore to meet the birthday boy, no saffron brigade would have accepted it as “Birthday Diplomacy”.  Old accusations of “soldiers are dying and leaders having Biryani” would have taken social media by storm.

Dear right wing, not everything he does and he says can be right. Mr Modi is as much fallible as anybody else.

If the readers of this article have slightest idea of what Pakistan has been doing with India, they would never even wish any Pakistani on birthday, let alone playing cricket with them.

Average Indian civilian knows predominantly few of the following things – to name a few

  1. Dawood Ibrahim has a safe house in Pakistan
  2. Osama Bin Laden was found in Pakistan
  3. Pakistan export terror from its own soil. Pakistan has hand in attack on Parliament and Mumbai Bombings.
  4. Indian soldiers get killed in combat with terrorist who are trained in terror camps in POK.

However the strategic details of how ISI and Pakistan Military have successfully exploited India’s fault lines in Kashmir, North East and Assam are rarely known by an Average Civilian who typically derives some knowledge about Pakistan mainly from print and electronic media and worse from Indian cinema.

It is good to be hopeful – eternally hopeful. It may sound very positive and rosy. However it is stupid not to see the reality. And the reality is democracy is weak in Pakistan. Dialogues with elected representatives will always fail to offer a solution to Indo Pak problems because elected representatives of people are not the last authority in Pakistan. In Pakistan it is the military and ISI which call the shots. So in dialogue, we end up talking to authorities which have no supreme command. Can we talk with ISI ? – Certainly we cannot talk with agency which is clandestine in its efforts.

Story of Pakistan they never told you. – Part II (To be continued)

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