Tikait is New Charan Singh

Rakesh Tikait is leader of Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU). His Farmer’s protest is presently backed by Rahul Gandhi of Congress.

BKU was founded by Charan Singh – Dy PM in first non Congress government led by Morarji Desai.

Misled by Ms. Gandhi, Charan Singh ditched Desai, toppled his Govt & himself became PM with assurance of support from Ms. Gandhi. However Charan Singh ended up resigning in 23 days as Ms. Gandhi withdrew support. Soon elections were held & Congress was back in power. Ms. Gandhi used Charan Singh as a pawn and sacrificed him to get back to power.

Seems present leader of BKU , Tikait hasn’t read history of Family.

The way Khalistani separatists are penetrating Farmer’s protest, very soon Rahul Gandhi will have no option but to disown Tikait.

Tikait will rot in Jail watching his fate die infront of his eyes, the way Charan Singh helplessly watched his career being destroyed by Ms. Gandhi.

The only difference will be that this time a non Congress government has full majority and Tikait will fall alone.

Jai Hind

Kapil Naik

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