Thank you Mr President

Ajmal Kasab’s fate is sealed by Mr Presidnet – Pranab Mukherjee.  Mr Mukherjee, congratulates you for rejecting kasab’s mercy petition. We hail you as real son of Bengal. We are proud of you. will only say with love – Omar Dada , Pranav dada.

The original royal Bengal tiger, mahanayak -Subhash Chandra Bose from where ever he is watching will be happy to know a true son of Bengal did it.  

We also congratulate home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde for executing the operation X with top secrecy.  It is not for media to know in advance the plans of home ministry. Profit driven media houses did not deserve this ‘breaking news’ to know before it happened.  

Jai Hind


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4 Responses to Thank you Mr President

  1. Praveen Sampath says:

    Interesting Post,..
    ..But what the president did was not heroic. Anyone in his place would have done the same.Imagine the ramification of granting kasab mercy.

    Secondly, hanging kasab is not a thing to rejoice about. Kasab was and is a victim of terrorism as much as the people of Mumbai were.The root of terrorism has to be eliminated, not the pawns.

    As far as the secrecy goes,I agree.The police and justice system has done a commendable job.Even the P.M was kept in dark about it.

    Lastly, You are doing a great job with this website. This is what India needs. The youth should be aware of the crisis and problems around them. Kudos.

  2. Milind Upadhye says:

    Good article. Really ashamed that a Maharashtrian President like Pratibha “Devisingh” Patil could not do that? May be it is a congress vote game for Gujarat / Hariayana elections to gain some Hindo votes. I would never believe that PM and Sonia was in dark. Sushil kumar Shinde has no guts to do this all by himself……..

  3. Sunitha Naik says:

    What is certain is that Kasab has reached his destination – Jahannu! The fact that there has been speculations about his Dengue fever and not to negate the scrupulous Congress party that wouldn’t hesitate in cashing on Kasab’s death , it is but natural for a citizen like me who has been a victim of Congress for decades, to reserve the right to be unconvinced unless a tangible proof is provided that Kasab’s hanging was indeed an active decision of the Congress government. Let’s hope, they prove me wrong by sealing the same kind of fate towards Afzhal Guru ASAP !

  4. Abhay Tilve says:

    …. Is Kasab really hanged to death or he is victim of Dengue… Or UPA government taking the credit of Kasab’s death as victory where dengue already killed Kasab…
    hundreds of crores already spent by Indian Govt on his survival viz. security, Biryani, medical treatment etc. where he should have been hanged much earlier. Its loss of hard earned money of tax-payers. Biryaani… why such royal treatment to such terrorist…. he should have been made to realise the pain he has created to Indian citizen… if he had done such crime in muslim countries … not sure what hell pain he would have suffered by government of Muslim countries….

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