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Rating: Must Read

Book is published in 2009. It is written by veteran journalist and writer Imtiaz Gul.

A fascinating book which one would want to read in one single sitting. Imtiaz Gul has written a gem.

Book takes readers inside FATA region where militancy is thriving for last 30 years now. Reading this book is a journey, a journey which ends into destination of thorough understanding of FATA regions, its sharply divided non progressive intolerant tribes and multi dimensional religious radicalism associated with FATA region.   Readers of this book will be able to connect dots of drug lords, religious radicalism, and intelligence agencies operating in FATA region.

Apart from providing historical details of war going on in FATA region, book successfully helps reader to guess what is stored ahead for people of Pakistan.

This book unfolds how Pakistan’s strategic depth in Afghanistan has gone wrong and how snakes once they nurtured to fight against Russians in Afghanistan and against India in Kashmir have made Pakistan an epicenter  of world terrorism. And irony is those terrorist are doing damage more to Pakistan than they were supposed to do to Hindu India.

A book rates as Must Read.

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4 Responses to Book Review : THE AL QAEDA CONNECTION – IMTIAZ GUL

  1. Milind Upadhye says:

    sure will read, thanks for suggesting

  2. Sunitha. says:

    Nice review. It can be said that what happens in the neighborhood is not very different from what can happen or happening in our own country. Take for instance, yesterday’s terrorists’ school attack in Kashmir, that took the lives of our CRPF soldiers. So the damage is widespread anyways.

  3. Saurabh Joshi says:

    Very good review.
    I will try to have this book.
    Thanks for suggesting.

  4. Netra Phule says:

    will definitely read this book.

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