Send Kasab to Jannat

Is Pakistan a friend or an enemy. This question can be answered with reflex action. It need not go to brain as answer does not require an Indian any sort of analysis to do. Answer is it is an enemy.
Now when I say enemy I mean an enemy at state level and not on individual level. I am not writing in context of friendship between gavaskar and zaheer abbas – ex cricketers from India and Pakistan. I am writing in context of nations.

A nation which is (Pakistan) formed upon idea of separatism based on religion can never be friendly with nation (India) they parted ways with. If they had to live with us peacefully they would have done it any way by staying with Hindus. Fact is they (Pakistan) dislike Hindus because Hindus believe in god which is not what god they believe in. If two persons cannot live together, can they live next to each other? May be on personal level yes. But in case of India and Pakistan the answer is no.

And it is no because Pakistan is not content on deal they got in 1947. A separate land for Islam. A pak land. Pak means pure. Pure because it ideally does have anyone who believes in god apart from Allah. With people believing in god apart from Allah it becomes impure. Away from impure people (as they do not believe in Islam). They want more damage to be done to the impure land. One more. One more. Untill it is bled out completely.

Ajmal Kasab is product of such anti Hindu system. Death would fetch you Jannat for your heroic attack on India is how fundamentalist are brainwashed. Now that Ajmal Kasab was ready to go to Jannat in many pieces India can help him do so, that too without any detriment. India can hang him and Kasab will go to Jannat in one piece. Much better deal that what he was ready for – going to Jannat in multiple pieces.

In a land of predominant Hindu Population dussehra festival is of immense importance. It refers to Lord Rama’s victory over the ten-headed demon king Ravana. The day also marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the demons Mahishasur.
It is the day of victory of good over evil.

India has missed out on dussehra of 2012 but there is 2013. Hang Kasab on dussehra day as it would symbolize victory of good over evil.

But this will not be done by Indian government. ……… shhhhuuuuuuuuuuuu. Silence Plz , we are secular.

Jai Hind

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5 Responses to Send Kasab to Jannat

  1. Milind Upadhye says:

    Good article but I am not of the opinion to hang Kasab at this stage. There is a court case against Mumbai terror attack going on in Pakistani court. The world is looking at the court case with close observation. Pakistan for sure trying to delay the case by extending the dates. Kasab is an only witness who can give a proof against Pakistan. If he is hanged, the case in Pakistani court will be dismissed in a second. In fact that is what Pakistan wants. With the world pressure Pakistan can not delay that case forever. Hence till that case is over, Kasab should not be hanged.
    Also one of the most important thing to note that, Pakistan is an enemy. Enemy will always attack. It is a serious flaw on our side, that any tom dick and harry can come to India and start shooting. It is so sad that people like Kasab captures a ship from Gujrat port and we have no system to find that out. Indian Navy had made a statement that their budget is seriously cut so that the Naval ship can sail only for 15 days in a year !!! Isn’t that pathetic? Kasab and his team should have been shot on sea before they step the foot on ground. Although I have a serious doubt that some one inside the country has helped them to land in.

  2. Pranav says:

    Good article Kapil.
    @Milind, you still believe in a Pakistani court? What a joke. Why should India believe in a Pakistani court? Did US think twice before killing Osama? Whole world you that are talking about is hypocrite. Nobody will come to India’s rescue if we are in trouble. The whole world (which is US obviously) calls Pakistan it’s ally. They keep funding them, which Pakistan uses against India. The amount of money our government is spending for Kasab’s protection is ridiculously high. Don’t we have other important things to address? Cant we use that money for better purposes? I agrre with Kapil 100% that Kasab needs to be hanged. But I think we dont have to wait until Dusehra next year. We will have to do it asap. But wait.. We cant… BECAUSE WE ARE SECULAR..

  3. Sunitha Naik says:

    Well, I seriously believe that Kasab should be left alone and not linked with Dussehra in anyway, for the plain reason that our mythological demons representing evil, are far adorable and are totally incomparable with this human-butcher. Secondly, Dussehra on a earthly level does represent the triumph of the good over the evil. Our festivals carry deeper and profound meaning at all levels of human understanding of the Beyond. Iam told that Dussehra also means triumphing the dualities and going beyond.
    Comming back to the kasai kasab, I think we SHOULD be a little more secular and give this terror-tyrant his due, which is that he deserved to be given a martyrdom as per the doctrines of his own religion that he represent and became a killer-terrorist. He should be guillotined on Bakrid….the only surest way for him to reach Jannat!

  4. Milind Upadhye says:

    Dear Kapil, Hats off to you. You wrote the article on website and Kasab was hanged!! I came to know the power of “Wed”



  5. Milind Upadhye says:

    I am against of Government spending any money on Criminals. They should be just kept in jail and given a basic small food so that they are survived no more. Using Indo Tibetian Border Police for Kasab was crazy.

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