Bharat Ratna Kalmadi

In a country where so many people are below poverty line, someone hitting headlines for misappropriation of funds is a real champion. Let me share here news from IBN live – giving some of India’s statistics which are not so favourite numbers Indians remember.

N C Saxena report gives a shocking figure of % of people below poverty line. Report says 50 % of Indians live below poverty line. It was no surprise report was rejected. And it would be matter of  great irony if the Saxena panel was asked to revise the Planning Commission’s 28 per cent figure.

If you are shocked with these figures, hold your breath as I share with you Arjun Sengupta Committee report. It says 79 % of Indians live on less than Rs 20 a day and 836 million Indians remain marginalized and need assistance.

 Government of India was smart enough to accept tendulkar report which gave a poverty figure of 37 %. Something easy to digest I guess.

And the critical point here is in a country where there so many of them are poor; winning elections has an open secret.  Pump the money in. No wonder after many disgraceful headlines kalmadi’s party has not sacked him. And irony is, it is a party of which mahatma Gandhi was a part of.

Kalmadi can be hailed as a hero where there are so many are poor. He is doing something which people below poverty line cannot do.

I recommend Bharat Ratna for Kalmadi. 

 And Mr kalmadi need not have to worry about his political future. I assure him it is sound and safe.

Have a look at most prominent Indians here who have made this country proud.

Sanjay Dutt was caught with modern automatic guns allegedly received from anti-national elements. But such is his charisma that, still he successfully finds a place in news papers on his 51st birthday. Probably this country does not want to read how Prakash Amte and his organization celebrates Baba Amte’s Birth anniversary.

Laloo Prasad yadav went to jail in fodder scam. Today he walks free with his head held high in pride. Ask him to deliver speech on ethics, he would mesmerize you.

Sunanda pushkar and Shashi Tharror are now hitting romantic headlines for their proposed marriage after disgraceful days of the past. The whole controversy behind Sweat Equity has turned really Sweet now.

R R Patil made not just an irresponsible statement but insensible as well after Mumbai was under attack in 2008 which arguably costed him his job. Today 2 years down the line he is heading the same department – This is no less than a promotion.

I guess Kalmadi’s party requires kalmadi more than any poor in India. Come elections, it is people like kalmadi who are going to bail the party out.

Probably Mr. Kalmadi is on right track in a democratic India. Let us not denounce our real hero. A Bharat Ratna Kalmadi.

 Jai Hind

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One Response to Bharat Ratna Kalmadi

  1. Sunitha says:

    Ouch !! That was pretty acid !! Careful dear friend, it may inflame the Bharat Ratna, never mind Kalmadi !! 🙂 !
    On a serious note, yes, my stomach turned to read the ‘stalwarts’ existing in the public, in full glare, despite the ‘karmas’ they indulge in. Blame the bollywood and fairy tales, I have hopelessly got into a wishful mode waiting for a Savior for this country.
    These are predators who feed on the Poverty. Poverty ensures that the victim is focused on the sufferings of the stomach, while also ensuing ignorance. As long mass ignorance prevails, the Predators survive. So how can one expect that the ruling Government to ‘expose’ the true figures and percentage concerning below the poverty line ??!! Besides the government make sure that intellectually and patriotically enlightened people are doused in thiet own routine malady enduring power shutdowns, tax burdens, water shortage, LPG rates, petrol price hike etc that most of the energy force of patriotism gets dissipated trying to survive the common man’s domestic and civil woes that are government induced.

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