Sack Pawar Now

Stunned I was some years back as I read Mr Manmohan Singh’s CV. High in qualification and rich in experience is what one could describe. I thought finally we have a man who can deliver and make changes with iron hand. Some years down the lane I have found I was quick to hope. And not just quick but foolishly quick. It made me realise that CVs can truly be very deceptive and can give false impression of a candidate’s abilities to take up the assignment he has applied for.

Mr Singh was nothing but a spot less face hired by congress to carry out the dirty business behind him.  Sadly Mr Manmohan Singh now can easily claim to be one of India’s most successfully failed Prime Minister. A dark spot on a wonderful career. A spot big enough to be recognised as a separate career itself.

We all know and believe that the turban is still clean. But we do not simply want a clean prime minister. We want a performing one also. My appeal to Mr Prime Minister is – Sack Pawar Now. He is not only allegedly involved in murky deals of IPL but also has completely failed to control food prices as an Agricultural Minister.  I know it is difficult to sack supreme leader of a party especially when one of your state government banks upon his support. (NCP has 62 seats in Maharashtra Assembly out of 144 jointly held by ruling coalition.)

Let us have a look at Mr Pawar’s statements as Agriculture Minister in last few months. A classic case of how one can contradict his own previously made statements.

7 Nov 2009 : Food prices will decline after the rabi crop

20 Dec 2009 : Says Controlling food prices is responsibility of the states.

11 Jan 2010 : “I am not a fortune Teller.” – To a question when food prices would come down.

13 Jan 2010 : High food price inflation may start moderating in seven to 10 days, following the measures unveiled by the government, said Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar on Wednesday.

25 Jan 2010 :  Pawar says 312 districts in the country ie around 55% of the total districts faced drought during kharif season affecting the agriculture produce. But the situation improved after the monsoon revived. The production of wheat will be very good this year due to cold weather condition.

8 Feb 2010  : Mr Pawar ascribed the phenomenon of inflation to the increasing purchasing power of the Indians.

 25 Feb 2010 : “Prices of essential commodities have shown declining trend,”  Pawar said in the Indian Parliament replying to a discussion on price rise.

Now coming to what are the facts —Latest government data shows that India’s food price index rose 17.58% in the last 12 months.

It is no magic that Mr Pawar still holds the portfolio as his Boss Mr Prime Minister continues giving goody goody speeches against eradication of poverty and corruption, both either directly and indirectly linked with Mr Pawar. Calculation is simple. The fate of ruling coalition in Maharashtra State Assembly would depend upon support from NCP of which Mr Pawar is the Big Boss. We need action Mr Prime Minister that matches thoughts and follows intention.

 The whole nation is asking one simple question for which they are not getting answer for a quite a long long time now. How Mr Pawar is doing justice to his role as Agriculture Minister if he is spending too much of his time on cricket related matters?

And the best thing about Mr Pawar is that he is no selfless cricket lover also. The world is surely not so naive not to understand link between politics and cricket especially in an era where money attracts cricket and not the other way round.

Mr prime Minister buck stops at your desk now. Act now or stop acting as if you are acting. Sack the Man. Make him go because he completely deserves to. Quite a few people might argue – “sacking him does not solve problem.”  But the fact is keeping him does not solve either.

And Mr Prime Minister, this time for a change you can come out of role of a Italian Puppet and show the country that even Prime Minister can take his own decision.

 Jai Hind

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4 Responses to Sack Pawar Now

  1. Milind Upadhye says:

    Nice article. Appears to be that is a newspaper of good old days where editors used to control the society

  2. kiran says:

    Nice article 🙂

    Who will remove government for non performing ? and Opposition party ? they are also not doing their job 🙂

    If non performance is criteria then Pawar may not come first also 🙂

    M sure there are others who are equally competent to Pawar in central as well as state and holding more IMP portfolios .With this way only presidents and governors will remain as they are only to sigh it off 🙂

    Nice article 🙂 I agrre 🙂

  3. Vinod Channakeshava says:

    Food is a very basic need. Government has to work to bring down the food inflation, Multi-millionaires (who have made money illegaly, who doesn’t understand how difficult it is to make money in a right way e.g., IPL -almost forgotten scam) who can afford for the luxuries will not understand the woes of the people under Below Povertyline, lower middle class and middle class even. “Country’s progress doesnt solely depend upon it’s economic stability in the International arena, it also depends on the economic well being of it’s citizens”, having said that our Food minister is not even bothered about well being of citizens.So every point in this article is justifiable to sack (even kick him out) him.

  4. Ruturaj says:

    Quite a few people might argue – “sacking him does not solve problem.” But the fact is keeping him does not solve either.

    Even if we argue for the above, Kicking him is not going solve the problem, but gonna worsen the problem for the ruling party – They’ll have to let go the power, the govt.

    How should Congress face with that problem? WHY? One would ask.

    What should I as a citizen do to Stop this bullshit!

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