The Battle of Kalyan – Dombivali

Kalyan Dombivali election is getting heated up with vintage rallies by Thackeray brothers. The war of words is spicing up the atmosphere. Local news papers are full of the war. First day, old  Sena targets New Sena  below the belt. Next Day the New Sena gives it back. A daily evening entertainment for the citizens fed up of daily soap operas.

A perfect battle field for a political thriller. But unfortunately to the great ignorance of Thackeray brothers there are other political parties involved in the election as well. Although Congress and NCP are not in the news much, as they prefer to watch from a distance with a chuckle as half of their job is done. Their opposition is divided.

Thackerays the great orators that they are hold the ability to pull massive crowd for their rallies. Their speeches touch the sensitive cord of the gathering in front of them. Timing is immaculate. Body language is charismatic. Delivery of speech is flawless. People cheer and clap as they see vintage Thackerays delivering hard hitting speeches. Question is will those cheers turn into votes and victory for either of them. People might clap spontaneously to an argument or a point, but that necessarily does not get converted into a vote. Remember people vote on Election Day and not when they are fully charged up after listening to a mesmerizing speech. The state of mind while you vote within four walls of election centre is much more logical, multidimensional in thinking  and calm as compared to when one is listening to a fiery speech. The impact of speech will remain till people vote only if speech carries long lasting sentiments that people have when they actually vote. For answer to question, who will win, we will have to wait for the result declaration day. My Good Luck to both Senas. They badly need it.

Senas are fighting between themselves with such a vengeance on a personal level that they do not see pathetic roads, hocker occupied footpaths, pollution, traffic gone for a toss, thriving diseases – a city in ICU. Not that congress or NCP really cares.

Here are few things for all readers to ponder over.

1) How many of us have been informed by the ruling party or opposition party about performance of the departments of municipality. How many of us first of all know that Kalyan Dombivali municipality has following departments.

General Admin, Computer, Tax Collection, Water Supply, Public Works, Town Planning, Health, Accounts, Audit, Drainage 

2) How many of us are informed by ruling or opposition about success of  “Sant Gadge Baba Nagari Swachhata Abhiyan” during political rallies.

3) How many of us are informed about by any party about what are “Draft Byelaws for Gray Water Reuse in Housing & Commercial Complexes in Kalyan & Dombivli”.

4) Following are the silence zones in Kalyan Dombivali (Does any party ensures implementation?)

Rukminibai Hospital, Civil Court, Birla College, K.C.Gandih High School, Mohasingh Kabulsingh School & College, Sharda Vidhyalai, Shastrinagar Hospital, Manjunath Vidhyalai, Jondhale Technical & High School, Hindi High School, Agarawal High School, V.P. Road, Nehru Maidan Area, Adharwadi Chowk Area

Ideally along with City, the ruling party should also see themselves going to ICU, if opposition parties rightly encash on the pathetic state of administration. But none of parties really know or can offer good administration. They are simply not bothered. Only time will decide who people will vote for to crucify their own fate with their own finger. Till then “Bharat Mata Ki Jay”

 Jai Hind

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1 Response to The Battle of Kalyan – Dombivali

  1. Sunitha says:

    Bolt from the Blue !

    Surprising revelation on the state of voter’s psyche as a Voter vis-a-vis Audience of a fiery speech ! The same could be extrapolated to a macro/national level.

    Yet another revelation about the silence zone and other related factors. Wonder why our media honchos ‘discreetly’ shy away from bringing these matters as a part of thier ‘People’s debate’ !

    While I join in voicing out ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, I also commend the blogger media for bringing out vital issues that bring to awareness concerning around our civil life in Democracy !! 🙂

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